Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rhubarb & White Chocolate Tart

Here comes a sad confession: I don't generally like rhubarb that much. It's not that it tastes bad to me or anything, but it feels like for a lot of people the start of rhubarb season is just as avidly awaited as the asparagus one. (My spring/summer list goes like so: asparagus, new potatoes, peas, raspberries. Yes, that means I don't really care about strawberries either. Or at least, I never want to make anything with strawberries. Eating them raw, that's fine.)

Rhubarb & White Chocolate Tart

It's not really my style to blog in the vein of "well, I, hated it, but..." so you may already have surmised that this rhubarb pie, laced with whiskey and mellowed by white chocolate (who knew white chocolate could have a function?), was... very nice. Good, even. I suspect partly because it was made with home-grown rhubarb - incidentally, I wish my favorite plants worked on the principle of "pick some to make it grow more" - and partly that I have some sort of mental defect by which stuff automatically tastes better with a lattice crust, especially if I've made it myself. What? It's fun! (Although looking at the picture below for extended periods of time makes me kind of dizzy.)

Rhubarb & White Chocolate Tart

The recipe comes from Bon Appétit, and since I didn't change a thing (although next time I'll probably halve the amount of chocolate), I'll just link you to it instead of transcribing. Do serve it warm like the recipe says - the leftovers were OK at room temperature, but the warm one was divine.


Brilynn said...

I'm learning to like rhubarb more. I never used to care for it much, but not because it tasted bad, there were just a lot of other flavours I liked more... like chocolate.

Pille said...

Shocking!! Not liking rhubarb?!?
Oh well, at least you do like seasonal asparagus, so you're alright:)
I love rhubarb (just as I love other fruit & berries in season - I know rhubarb is a vegetable, but you know what I mean), but I guess that's evident on my blog. Another rhubarb post coming later today:)

Orchidea said...

Bella! Very beautiful and I am sure really good!

Alanna said...

So much for the veracity of your northern soul! But the pie looks great, it's a combination I haven't considered.

deinin said...

Brilynn, when it comes to sweets I'm very much in favor of chocolate, sugar and berries. Nothing wring with rhubarb, just not the first thing I'd go for.

Pille, I know! My mother could never believe it, either. Since we now live with a giant and hugely growing rhubarb plant I think I'll have to make a concerted effort to mend my ways. Still, I don't think I'm a fruit(& sweet/tart vegetable, if you like) person, at all. I'd pick vegetables over fruit any day.

Orchidea - thanks!

Alanna, I REALLY don't like white chocolate, but it was wonderfully mellowing in this, with a very different texture from milk products that I've usually used in rhubarb pies. Just, a little less would have been enough.

joey said...

You're pie is very pretty...I can imagine liking it too...if only I knew how rhubarb tasted!

(i don't like white chocolate either...)

Monkey Wrangler said...

Now that's one good lookin' veggie and chocolate pie!

I've got some rhubarb around here. Now where is that white chocolate........

Nabeela said...

The lattice top looks really nice...I'm sure the pie tasted great

Rose said...

I tried to like rhubarb but I just don't find it exciting! But this tart, this tart is just gorgeous. I can smell it from my pc screen. Simply beautiful. I have a question though deinin. It a technical question, I am sorry to drop here in your comment but just didn't find your e-mail. How do you manage to have such a beatiful pictures and the size of your pictures seem much bigger than the others on blogspot? Is there a secret?

deinin said...

Joey, I'm not sure I can describe it, really. Very tart. Not like apples, but closer to that than, say, lemons. (Heh, I'm sure that helps A LOT.) Have you ever tasted gooseberries?

Monkey Wrangler, do you generally keep white chocolate around? I can't have ANY chocolate in the house (except if it's super-dark and bitter) because I'll, uh, eat it.

Nabeela, thanks! It was good.

Rose, the reason my pictures are bigger is that I don't upload them to blogspot or use the blogspot image inserting procedure at all - my photos are stored on and I just copy&paste code from there straight into the post I'm writing. Because a) they're bigger, but not too big and 2) I like flickr's resizing better than blogspot's, which I think tends towards blurry.

Truffle said...

I don't particularly like it either but what a beautiful pie! Perhaps combined with pastry it will grow on me.

Freya and Paul said...

Whiskey and white chocolate to make rhubarb taste better? I'm in! Great photo!

Mercedes said...

that is beautiful, and luckily i really like rhubarb!

Linda said...


Helen said...

Call me the freak amongst us but I really like it, and now if you add white chocolate I am really going to love it! Absolutely gorgeous!

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The most delicious white chocolate tart I've ever seen in my whole life!

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Anonymous said...

So much for the veracity of your northern soul! But the pie looks great, it's a combination I haven't considered.